Mar 13 • 33M

🙈What if Twitter was a DAO?

A conversation w/Kyle Chayka, contributing writer for The New Yorker

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Hi, welcome back to the podcast edition of Untangled. I’ve got a few great interviews lined up, including one with Ian Bogost from The Atlantic. If you haven’t yet subscribed, do your future self a favor and sign up on Apple, Spotify, or Substack.

In February, I offered a sociological deep dive into a topic you didn’t know you needed to understand: Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or DAOs. As I was writing it, I came across Kyle Chayka’s piece for The New Yorker, “The Promise of DAOs, The Latest Craze in Crypto.” It’s great, which won’t be surprising to anyone who follows Chayka (if you don’t, do it!). He is an incisive writer on technology and culture. Kyle and his colleague Daisy Alioto also recently launched their own DAO to govern their newsletter, Dirt, about entertainment online. It’s an interesting experiment in editorial democracy, and I wanted to host Kyle on Untangled to talk about it, and DAOs more broadly.

In our conversation, Kyle and I discuss:

  • Whether DAOs will evolve from arcane financial instruments to function more like modern-day companies.

  • Why governance in DAOs is everything, and how most people don’t participate in it.

  • How his experiment with DirtDAO is going, and what he’s learned.

Oh, and we speculate wildly on what would happen if Twitter launched a token and distributed it to users proportional to one’s accumulated retweets. 🙈

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