Welcome to Untangled 🧵

Hi, I’m Charley. This is Untangled, a newsletter and podcast about technology, people, and power.

👉 To get this out of the way: this is a personal project, all thoughts and opinions are my own and don’t reflect the institutional positions of Data & Society or George Washington University.

I decided to start Untangled because:

  • The prevalent narrative is that tech is ‘happening to us.’ I want to challenge this idea by untangling the stories we tell about technology — so that we can write new ones.

  • I want to reimagine how we use technology, and that starts with how we understand our relationship to it. Get hyped — each issue will be chock-full of research!

  • I'm tired of the predictable conversation where [insert tech company here] does something bad, and little changes. Want to dive into solutions? Me too.

  • I thoroughly dislike how few Twitter followers I have. (I kid. I’ve avoided social media for the last decade. But I want more people than just my immediate family to read Untangled. Help?)

But basically, it all comes down to this: we assume that technology impacts society — it doesn't. Technology is entangled with social systems like race, gender, and power. If we don’t understand this distinction, bad things happen. Let's untangle it, shall we?

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  2. A week or two after publishing, I’ll interview a relevant expert about the topic.

  3. With every issue of Untangled, I will always open up the floor: you are invited to hit reply, tell me what you think, and even submit questions that I will use in my interviews.

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